Fernando D. Dip, MD

Fernando D. Dip, MD

Staff Surgical Oncology,
Hospital de Clínicas Buenos Aires
Chief of Surgical Reaseach,
University of Buenos Aires
Affi liated Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic Florida

Speaker Info

27 July 2018  @  7:00AM EST USA

Webinar Recording will be available soon

New Frontiers in Fluorescence Endocrine Guided Surgery

Endocrine procedures like thyroidectomies and adrenalectomies are commonly performed by general and endocrine surgeons around the world. Unfortunately during the surgeries patients might be at risk of suffering complications like hypocalcemia after thyroidectomies due to parathyroid glands injuries, or bleeding during a laparoscopic adrenalectomies to difficulties during adrenal vessels identification. An accurate visualization of the glands like parathyroid glands, tumors or adrenal glands are key steps in order to perform a safe procedure. In the last years the use of fluorescence allowed surgeons to better understand the anatomy and visualize the localization and vascularization of the glands avoiding complications. The audience will be able to understand the basic concepts of the method and to learn technical tips of the technology. A literature review of clinical outcomes in endocrine fluorescence guided surgery will be performed.