Dr. Anna Duprée

Dr. Anna Duprée

Since 2009  Member of the interdisciplinary obesity program University Medical Center Hamburg – Eppendorf (Germany)

06/2016  Specialist in visceral surgery

10/2018  Consultant at the department of General-,Visceral and Thorax surgery, University Medical Center Hamburg – Eppendorf (Germany)

12/2018  Certified surgeon of Bariatric Surgery


Scientific work

  1. Surgical Management of Non-Malignant Esophageal Perforations: A Single-Center Analysis Over a 15-Year Period.
    Karstens KF, Bellon E, Tachezy M, Izbicki JR, Ghadban T, Duprée A, Uzunoglu FG, Bachmann K, Koenig A, Reeh M.
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    PMID: 31775154
  2. PMID: 28707173
    Intraoperative Ventilation of Morbidly Obese Patients Guided by Transpulmonary Pressure.
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    Obes Surg. 2018 Jan;28(1):122-129. doi: 10.1007/s11695-017-2794-3.
    PMID: 28707173
  3. PMID: 31471660
    [Fluorescence angiography for esophageal anastomoses : Perfusion evaluation of the gastric conduit with indocyanine green].
    Duprée A, von Kroge PH, Izbicki JR, Wipper SH, Mann O.
    Chirurg. 2019 Nov;90(11):875-879. doi: 10.1007/s00104-019-01021-9.
    PMID: 31471660 Review. German.|
  4. PMID: 26112135
    Duodenal Electric Stimulation: Results of a First-in-Man Study.
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    PMID: 26112135 Clinical Trial.
  5. PMID: 28613118
    Initial experience with a new quantitative assessment tool for fluorescent imaging in peripheral artery disease.
    Rieß HC, Duprée A, Behrendt CA, Kölbel T, Debus ES, Larena-Avellaneda A, Russ D, Wipper S.
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    PMID: 28613118
  6. PMID: 28774333
    Cost-utility analysis of bariatric surgery compared with conventional medical management in Germany: a decision analytic modeling.
    Borisenko O, Mann O, Duprée A.
    BMC Surg. 2017 Aug 3;17(1):87. doi: 10.1186/s12893-017-0284-0.
    PMID: 28774333 Free PMC article.
  7. PMID: 29404937
    Perioperative Short-Term Outcome in Super-Super-Obese Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery.
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    PMID: 29404937
  8. PMID: 29290476
    Feasibility Study of a Novel Thoraco-abdominal Aortic Hybrid Device (SPIDER-graft) in a Translational Pig Model.
    Debus ES, Kölbel T, Duprée A, Daum G, Sandhu HK, Manzoni D, Wipper SH.
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    PMID: 29290476
  9. PMID: 31579783
    Utilization of indocynanine green fluorescent imaging (ICG-FI) for the assessment of microperfusion in vascular medicine.
    Duprée A, Rieß H, Detter C, Debus ES, Wipper SH.
    Innov Surg Sci. 2018 Sep 5;3(3):193-201. doi: 10.1515/iss-2018-0014. eCollection 2018 Sep.
    PMID: 31579783 Free PMC article. Review.
  1. PMID: 27272667
    Influence of Liver Disease on Perioperative Outcome After Bariatric Surgery in a Northern German Cohort.
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  2. PMID: 28116675
    Anesthetic considerations for patients with esophageal achalasia undergoing peroral endoscopic myotomy: a retrospective case series review.
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    PMID: 28116675 English.
  3. PMID: 30309783
    Volume Based Resuscitation and Intestinal Microcirculation after Ischaemia/Reperfusion Injury: Results of an Exploratory Aortic Clamping Study in Pigs.Behem CR, Graessler MF, Pinnschmidt HO, Duprée A, Sandhu HK, Debus ES, Wipper SH, Trepte CJC.
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    Mentorship Programs in Bariatric Surgery Reduce Perioperative Complication Rate at Equal Short-Term Outcome-Results from the OPTIMIZE Trial.
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    PMID: 30187421 Clinical Trial.
  5. PMID: 30745044
    Impact of hybrid thoracoabdominal aortic repair on visceral and spinal cord perfusion: The new and improved SPIDER-graft.
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    The Effects of Pancreatic Microcirculatory Disturbances on Histopathologic Tissue Damage and the Outcome in Severe Acute Pancreatitis.
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  7. PMID: 28243860
    Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy prior to Bariatric Surgery-Mandatory or Expendable? An Analysis of 801 Cases.
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    Esophageal carcinoma cell line with high EGFR polysomy is responsive to gefitinib.
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