All of the past Flouresence Guided Surgery webinar series recordings are listed below.
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Fluorescent guided surgery with augmented reality for personalized surgical navigation
~ Dr. Frank Papay.  Recorded December 14, 2018


Fluorescence visualization of flap perfusion
~ Dr. Gemma Pons November 12, 2018
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Importance of fluorescence in lymph surgery
~ Prof. Jaume Masia  Recorded November 5, 2018
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Role of FIGS in Liver Surgery
~ Dr. Takeaki Ishizawa. Recorded Oct 26, 2018


Role of Fluorescence in Organ Perfusion Surgery
~ Dr. Luigi Boni.  Recorded September 28, 2018


Role of IFGS in Colorectal Surgery
~ Dr. Steven Wexner.  Recorded August 31, 2018


New Frontiers in Fluorescence Endocrine Guided Surgery
~ Dr. Fernando Dip.  Recorded July 27, 2018


Impact of Incisionless Fluorescent Cholangiography
~ Dr. Raul Rosenthal.  Recorded June 29, 2018